Marvel Slots! If you are a Marvel fan then you will love these excellent slots! Play now at Bet365 for a massive welcome bonus of 200% up to £200 or a 50% VIP Bonus!

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Some of the top marvel brands include Avengers! With the film just being released this game is surging in popularity. IT features lots of bonus rounds including free spins and pick a box bonuses. There is also a progressive jackpot game up for grabs. There are 4 different game modes each one offering an exciting new way to hit that dream payout!


Fantastic four is a fantastic marvel slot which features reels full of wilds plus an incredible jackpot currently standing at $500k! All marvel slots have linked jackpots which means every time you play a game at any of the main marvel casinos  you contribute to a central fund. You can hit the jackpot at any casino running marvel slots but we recommend bet365

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Currently there are 3 different Iron Man slots. Inventively named Iron Man 1,2 and 3! Each game is slightly different but based on the same premise. They each have a link to the main progressive jackpot fund

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